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Ethical products “too pricey” and untrustworthy, say shoppers

Almost half of all shoppers (45%) are put off buying ethical products because they’re too expensive.  The survey of 2,000 consumers, commissioned by the Fairtrade Foundation for Fairtrade Fortnight, also found that 16% of consumers shun ethical products because they “don’t trust claims” made about ethically-sourced products. The ethical credentials of a store are also…
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Is Fairtrade fair game?

Sainsbury’s has suffered a PR fiasco after ditching the label on some of its teas – but there are legitimate questions about whether the certification scheme works. By David Burrows. Joanna Blythman – the self-proclaimed “thorn in the flesh” of the processed food industry and supermarkets – used her regular column in the Grocer this month to…
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Farmers’ fair-weather friend?

Campaigners have cried foul over Sainsbury’s decision to stop working with the Fairtrade Foundation on tea, but is it really the ‘regressive step’ critics claim? By David Burrows. Sainsbury’s was one of the first retailers to sell Fairtrade products, and in the past 20 years or so it’s grown into the world’s largest retailer of…
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Producers and campaigners cry foul over Sainsbury’s Fairtrade move

This month, Sainsbury’s will replace the Fairtrade badge on its own-brand teabags and replace it with its own “Fairly Traded” label. The move has angered producers and campaign groups. The project is part of new pilot scheme to help Sainsbury’s develop its own wide-ranging sustainability standards across 35 key commodities and ingredients. Farmers will still…
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OOH experiences British food boom

Caterers involved in the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark spent £49.7m on British food last year – up 40% on 2015. There have also been “dramatic increases” in spend on organic, Marine Stewardship Council, RSPCA and Fairtrade accredited goods. Free-range spend rocketed 100%. The new figures show that more and more public sector…
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Labels v taxes: which way to cut carbon?

Politicians need to encourage a shift to sustainable diets in the fight against climate change. The big question is how. What does a kilo of greenhouse gases buy you in the supermarket? Researchers at Lancaster University and RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, analysed 1,718 global warming potential values in 168 fresh foods to find out. The…
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Make food fair, say shoppers

Two in three people think farmers are underpaid. Meanwhile, the majority believe that food companies (92%) and government (85%) should take responsibility for delivering fair and sustainable food. The figures come from a new survey of 1,004 consumers, published by the Fairtrade Foundation and Globescan. The poll also showed that 65% believe responsibly produced food…
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Time for a serious rethink of sustainability standards to tackle the urgent climate challenges the world is facing

For many years I have worked with some of the world’s largest conservation bodies, businesses and other civil society organisations to develop sustainability standards for a wide range of globally traded commodities. Many of these focus on specific sustainability challenges, such as animal welfare, global trade or organic standards. These schemes have done a fantastic job…
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The 10 big issues for 2016

SUGAR AND supply chains, pay rises and publicity: the topics that’ll dominate the industry’s agenda in the new year.                   1 Guns stay fixed on sugar   Sugar leapfrogged salt and saturated fat as public (health) enemy number B one in 2015, with more evidence emerging of its…
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