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Getting fair funding into farmers’ pockets

MICHIAL SALLAETS on a $5m investment fund aimed at improving smallholders' lives as well as helping their business grow.                   Getting finance for their small-scale businesses in a fair and sustainable way is one of the biggest challenge that smallholder producers in developing countries face. Fairtrade has been…
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Fairtrade farmers enjoy lift in sales and numbers

THE TOTAL number of small-scale farmers involved in Fairtrade schemes has topped one million. By the end of 2011, sales revenues on Fairtrade terms were also 26% higher than the previous year.   The data comes rom a stretching new report by Fairtrade International (FLO), which details the full impacts of the certification scheme.  …
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Tea coalition launched

BRITS MAY make 165 million cups of tea a day, but the nation’s favourite brew faces a number of challenges to survive. Climate change, water scarcity and competition for land use are all expected to combine to make those 165 million cups harder to come by.   A new coalition of the most influential organisations…
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