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Fairtrade best practice in foodservice

AS FAIRTRADE Fortnight draws to a close, Footprint takes a look at some best practice in foodservice.                   Fairtrade supporting farmers to build a more sustainable future   When consumers and businesses choose Fairtrade tea, they are supporting farmers around the world to get a fair deal for…
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Sugar report claims EU reforms could drive farmers into poverty

THE FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION has released a report which claims that a planned reform of the European sugar market has the potential to drive farmers into extreme poverty over the next five years.                     The Sugar Crash report outlines the possibility that as many as 200,000 farmers…
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Sodexo hosts Foncho and Enrique to promote Fairtrade message

TO CELEBRATE Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 Sodexo has welcomed coffee farmer, Enrique and banana farmer Foncho at a number of its client sites over the two-week campaign period.                   Sodexo is committed to increasing the purchase of products from fairly traded certified sources as a key part of…
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Getting fair funding into farmers’ pockets

MICHIAL SALLAETS on a $5m investment fund aimed at improving smallholders' lives as well as helping their business grow.                   Getting finance for their small-scale businesses in a fair and sustainable way is one of the biggest challenge that smallholder producers in developing countries face. Fairtrade has been…
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How British people can invest in fair trade’s future

ON THE other end of the financial scale, UK-based Shared Interest here to provide trade finance to fair-trade businesses across the globe, aiming to reach smallholder farmers and craft organisations with the unsecured lending and low-interest loans that are not available locally.                   Its managing director, Patricia…
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A Fairtrade label is just the start

BUSINESSES ARE being challenged to go even further in supporting farmers - and Compass Group has picked up the gauntlet.                           As the fair-trade market continues to grow companies are seeking ways to engage further with the farmers that they are working with…
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Appetite for Fairtrade grows

THE FAIRTRADE Foundation today launches Fairtrade Fortnight (24 February – 9 March) and its major new Make Bananas Fair campaign by announcing continued growth in Fairtrade sales of 14 per cent during 2013, demonstrating continuing public and business support for Fairtrade goods.                   Sales of Fairtrade products in 2013…
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