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Illegal pork flowing into UK

AROUND 40,000 “ILLEGAL” pigs an hour will be entering the European food chain in January and bacon, ham and pizzas containing their meat is destined for Britain’s supermarkets, corner shops and restaurants, according to the National Pig Association (NPA).   The pigs will come from continental farms where sows are still confined in individual steel…
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Five key steps to tackle food waste

THE FOOD industry needs to start treating food waste as a resource if it is to solve Europe’s 90 million tonne food waste problem.   But, like first timers at Alcoholics Anonymous, everyone has to accept they have a waste problem before they can start to solve it.   These were two of the conclusions…
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Help to develop gluten-free market

NEW SERVICES and an accreditation scheme have been launched to help caterers get to grips with new laws around gluten-free claims and take advantage of the £100m gluten-free market.   Coeliac UK, the charity, has produced a catering training package entitled: ‘Accessing the Gluten-Free Pound: Preparing Food for People with Coeliac Disease’.   There will…
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Common Fisheries Policy

EU Ministers have reached general compromise on the main proposals for reforming the Common Fisheries Policy from 2013. The proposal would give fleets quota shares guaranteed for at least 15 years and would see discards phased out. Now the horse trading starts. See proposed changes.
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Why Farming Matters

...to the nation’s economy, environment and our health.   In contradiction to the idea that food production is one of the major scourges on the environment, the NFU firmly believes that agriculture is actually part of the solution to climate change.   When the NFU launched its campaign Why Farming Matters almost four years ago,…
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