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UK recycles a third less plastic than reported

The UK government is likely to be overestimating the volume of plastic recycling by as much as a third, a new report has found. The study by environmental consultancy Eunomia said that although official statistics claimed that 39% of the 2.26m tonnes of plastic packaging was recycled in 2015, the real recycling rate is likely…
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Starbucks to test new recyclable cup

One in every 400 disposable paper cups is recycled, apparently. But entrepreneur Martin Myerscough believes he’s come up with a solution. His Frugalpac cup is: made from recycled paper; recyclable in normal paper mills; and weighs in at half the carbon footprint of a standard single-use cup. The key, said Myerscough, is lightly gluing the…
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Coffee cup controversy

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall was on an espresso-fuelled rampage in the capital yesterday. In his sights were the big chain coffee shops for “misleading” messages in relation to the green credentials of the disposable cups they use. Just a day’s worth of the 2.5 billion cups used to port cups of Joe around are recycled, claimed the…
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On reflection: Carbon labels

THEY WERE hot news under Labour, out in the cold when Cameron came in - but the idea hasn't been abandoned completely.                    Carbon labels were all the rage a few years back. Who could forget Sir Terry Leahy’s commitment in 2007, as CEO of Tesco, to…
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Residual waste investment damaging circular economy

A NEW STUDY out from specialist waste management consultancy Eunomia shows that residual waste treatment facilities already in the pipeline could limit local authority collected (LAC) recycling rates in England.                     The research from the fifth issue of ‘Residual Waste Infrastructure Review’ reveals that recycling rates…
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