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Ground-breaking UK study points to future of water management worldwide

As World Water Week 2014 convened in Stockholm, the Environment Agency and the Water Footprint Network launched the results of a pioneering new study of water use in a densely populated region of the UK; the Hertfordshire and North London (HNL) Area. The findings of the study signal a breakthrough in water management that can…
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Manufacturing industry saves £2 million in water costs

SIGNATORIES TO the Federation House Commitment (FHC) significantly reduced the amount of water used in the manufacture of food and drink last year, saving the industry £2 million in the purchase price of water alone. The news comes as part of the Commitment’s annual progress report, published today by WRAP.          …
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Waste4Fuel High Court verdict still not reached

THE ENVIRONMNENT Agency’s (EA) battle with recycling company, Waste4Fuel continues over its current site St Paul’s Cray, Bromley as court is adjourned once again.                     Waste4Fuel specialises in the collection and disposal of waste which can be reprocessed for generating electricity and aims to offer a…
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Jamie’s Italian fined by Environment Agency

JAMIE OLIVER’S flagship Italian restaurant chain was named in the Environment Agency’s civil sanctions list after it failed to comply with strict recycling laws.                     The TV chef’s company, which operates 37 restaurants throughout the UK, failed to take reasonable steps to recover and recycle packaging…
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The Next Green Thing: Energy Optimisation

Strong currents   HERE’S SOMETHING you might not know: the declared electricity supply in the UK is 230 volts with a tolerance of ±10%. Yet the voltage supplied to you will typically be around 245V. Most appliances will work more efficiently and use less electricity at a much lower voltage. This means that on most sites, electrical…
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Food and drink industry recognised for cutting environmental cost

THE FOOD and drink industry has been praised by Lord Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency, for cutting the environmental costs of feeding Britain.   Speaking during a visit to Coca-Cola’s factory in Wakefield, Lord Smith praised efforts by food and drink manufacturers to cut their carbon footprint, reduce water consumption and slim-down waste production.…
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April showers ease water fears

PUBLIC WATER supplies, agricultural water stores and wildlife habitats have been replenished by April downpours. The wettest April on record and continuing rain in May have significantly reduced the risks of serious drought and widespread water restrictions this summer, according to the Environment Agency.   In its latest 'Water Resources and Drought Prospects' report, the…
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Drought to continue past Christmas

BUSINESSES HAVE been urged to use water wisely with the Environment Agency warning that the current drought conditions could last “beyond Christmas”.   Seventeen counties in South West England and the Midlands have moved into official drought status, after two dry winters have left rivers and ground waters depleted.   While public water supplies in…
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Foodservice companies and analysts are warning that the results of the first ever Carbon Reduction Commitment league table should be taken with a pinch of salt.   Published by the Environment Agency (EA), the table ranks over 2,000 of the UK’s biggest companies according to how they manage their energy use. This includes the steps taken to…
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