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Why businesses need to take biodiversity seriously

Our food system is advancing the destruction of the natural world; but food businesses have the power to reverse it. By Nick Hughes. Delegates of a fatalistic disposition will have come away from October’s Extinction and Livestock conference in London feeling even more despondent about the state of our planet. The shocking statistics about the…
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More foodservice ‘influencers’ needed to shift people to plant-based diets

The UK needs to “rethink the way it eats” in order to meet the Paris Agreement targets, according to WWF-UK. And the charity, which published its revised “Livewell Plates” this week, has identified chefs and supermarkets as “key influencers” in shifting consumers to more sustainable diets. WWF first created the Livewell Plate in 2011 to…
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Sustainable diets in a post-Brexit world

Britain is a long way from being self-sufficient – and now is the time to reshape the food industry with health and sustainability in mind, writes Duncan Williamson. Food – how we grow, rear and catch it and what we eat – seemed to be largely missing from the Brexit debate. This strikes me as odd; it is the sector that will be most affected.

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Time to ring the changes

FOOD BUSINESSES need to look closely at three climate reports which show we need a new model now to feed the world by 2050, says Duncan Williamson. Three recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) clearly spell out the dangers of climate change. The reports warn that all aspects of food security will be affected…
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Soy sourcing scandal

IT'S CALLED 'the Brazilian miracle' but rocketing demand in turning soy into an environmental disaster while foodservice firms stand by and do nothing. David Burrows reports.                 Foodservice companies have come under fire for their lazy buying practices when it comes to soy. Elior, Sodexo, Compass and Nando’s have…
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Lamb versus lentils

THE CONCEPT of cutting meat consumption to save the planet is a difficult one to swallow – especially for a nation that prides itself on livestock farming and craves roast beef on a Sunday. Indeed, it’s an idea that environmentalists love, politicians hate, food companies (often) ignore and consumers don’t really understand.   However, everyone…
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