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Diageo turns whisky waste into heat

WASTE FROM Diageo’s whisky production at its Scottish factory will be turned into energy which powers the distillation process.     The anaerobic digestion plant is expected to generate 2 million cubic metres of biogas a year. Designed by Clearflue, it will convert the waste outputs from the distillation process - called pot-ale and draff…
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Drinks giant to halve water use

DIAGEO HAS committed to improve its water efficiency by 50%, replenish water in water-stressed regions and return water back to the environment as part of an ambitious new water stewardship strategy.                   Diageo's 2020 sustainability and responsibility targets published last year are supported by The Water Blueprint.…
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Scotland announces new job opportunity creation for 16-24 year olds

REPRESENTATIVES FROM over 75 Scottish businesses will meet at Glasgow’s Marriott Hotel on October 22nd 2014 to pledge job opportunities, apprenticeships and work placements for young job seekers and the long term unemployed in The Big Hospitality Conversation.                           Hospitality and tourism makes…
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