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Procurement leaders announced

As Autumn descends, the judges are excited to announce those organisations and CPO’s in the running for trophies in the 2017 Triple Bottom Line Procurement Awards. These organisations are: Casual Dining Group Derbyshire County Council Harbour & Jones Le Pain Quotidien National Trust Rank Group The Restaurant Group This announcement is made only a day…
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Big is beautiful again

Huge diverse conglomerates fell out of fashion in the 90s, but the foodservice industry has put mergers back on the business agenda. By David Read. In the 1970s and 1980s (when I was in my formative business years) the world was dominated by conglomerates – huge collections of diverse businesses with limited connectivity. I joined…
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Insight: Ignoring the hand that feeds us

This week the Prime Minister formally triggered article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. There are two years of Brexit negotiations ahead but “dangerous levels of naivety” have already left the foodservice sector off the pace, says David Read. I’ve been asking this question recently at various Brexit conferences and panel sessions: “Given that the UK…
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‘Marmitegate’ the first skirmish in Brexit price war

The UK’s decision on Brexit was a huge event, so the recent dispute between Tesco and Unilever, where the supplier attempted to impose a 10% price increase on the retailer, is not being viewed as a surprise by anyone in the know within the nation’s food supply chain. As a country we import around 40%…
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Food price and provenance in a post-Brexit world

The long-term picture is uncertain but in the short term food is only set to get dearer. Fans of ITV’s “The Only Way is Essex” will be familiar with its theme song “The Only Way is Up.”  Even more challenging... For some time to come, this song is likely to become the mood music for food…
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Let’s take the lead on climate change

EXTREME WEATHER is an increasing threat to global food production but strong leadership was lacking from politicians at the UN climate conference. Foodservice now has a chance to set the agenda, says David Read.                           Few people get to experience what a farmer goes…
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