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Cameron’s coat of green is rapidly wearing thin

Rewind the clock six years and David Cameron and George Osborne were the golden boys of the green movement. Ever since, Cameron has made no secret that his commitments in opposition were hyperbole. Yet watching him in front of the liaison committee in January it was hard to tell whether (as Footprint’s associate editor, Nick…
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Cameron is “proud” of school meals policy

THE PRIME Minister has told Sky News that he is “very proud” of the Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) policy. “It was an excellent reform carried out in the last parliament,” he said in an interview. David Cameron also highlighted a commitment to the scheme is in his party’s 2015 manifesto, which reads: “We…
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Food plan meetings commence

SIXTY FARMERS and food businesses from across the south west met this week to discuss the future of the industry.                           The meeting, organised by DEFRA, is the first of three events to help the government develop its new industry-wide 25-year plan to…
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“We have been the greenest Government ever” say Conservatives

THE CONSERVATIVE party's manifesto and election pledges launched this week claim to have stayed true to its promise of being the greenest Government ever.                   The Tories claim "We have been the greenest Government ever, setting up the world's first Green Investment Bank, signing a deal to…
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EAC calls for commitment to sustainable targets

PARLIAMENT’S GREEN watchdog warns Government not to reduce number of Sustainable Development Goals to be agreed at UN talks in 2015.                     Following a report that David Cameron wants to reduce the number of these Goals from 17 to 10, The Environmental Audit Committee suggested that undermining sustainable…
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The Political Print

IT'S ALWAYS easier to promise when you’re in opposition: just ask Nick Clegg, or for that matter David Cameron.                       The latter used his four minutes at the UN climate summit in New York in September to assert that he had kept the promise to…
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It’s a No: Scotland to stay within the UK

THE VOTES have been counted and verified and after months of hard campaigning, the people of Scotland have said ‘No’ to becoming an independent nation.                           A record number of Scottish voters turned out yesterday to cast their vote at one of the…
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Government given ‘red card’ for environment efforts

THE UK GOVERNMENT has been given a ‘red card’ by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) for failing to reduce air pollution, protect biodiversity and prevent flooding after it assessed green efforts made since 2010.                     Once elected as Prime Minister in May 2010, David Cameron stated…
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