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Can the VW scandal drive businesses to change

AS THE OWNER of a Seat car with a diesel engine, I’ve been following the whole VW scandal with a mixture of disappointment and concern. But truth be told I am not that surprised at the whole sorry state of affairs. This isn’t the cynic in me, rather the realist.   We already know that…
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Separation anxiety

FOOD AND hospitality companies in Scotland should not be afraid of new laws requiring them to separate their food waste. Footprint reports from the Food Waste 2013 conference in Edinburgh.                     In just over 12 weeks new laws come into force that will require many food…
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Steering farmers through the storm

NATIONAL FARMERS UNION leader Peter Kendall has seen members endure a miserable 10 months but concerns over food security, prices and sourcing in the wake of the horse meat scandal could offer new opportunities, he tells David Burrows.                           To travel 600 miles…
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An Innocent Smoothie with…Jonathan Raggett

RED CARNATION HOTELS is part of a new campaign to attract more young people into the hospitality sector. Its managing director says there is no better time for such an initiative.                           David Burrows (DB): Good afternoon Jonathan. We’re here to talk about…
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Editor’s Comment: Which initiatives are worth their salt

THE GOVERNMENT wants us all to eat less salt. We average about 8.1g a day but the target is to cut it to 6g. There are a number of ways to achieve this.   Reformulation is one. Look at any of the top food manufacturers in the UK and they will list how many tonnes…
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Forward Features for Footprint

Footprint is published on the 18th day of every month (not in July or December). The magazine focuses on news analysis, features and comment from across the foodservice and hospitality sectors.   All aspects of sustainability are covered, including environment, ethics and health. The articles also aim to deliver content that is relevant to all…
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An Innocent Smoothie with…Caroline Fry

THE CHIEF executive of CH&Co’s business and industry arm talks about the company’s new sustainability strategy and the ‘quirky things’ her chefs have achieved with cakes.                     David Burrows (DB): Good morning Caroline. Thanks for coming along and being the first person to join me on…
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Whiter than white?

FOODSERVICE BUSINESSES talk a good game when it comes to supporting British dairy farmers, but few are willing to divulge details of the price they are paying for milk.                           It takes a lot of bottle to stand up to the might of…
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