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Is fake meat the real deal

Should burger bars and the foodservice sector at large start embracing new and improving meat-free products? Footprint asks experts for their views. Let’s not get carried away. “Offering tasty, nutritious and sustainably produced food is a ‘must’, not a ‘nice to have’. In today’s world, big burger chains need to think long and hard about…
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Tough decisions on ethical meat

Would you customers still eat your food if they knew where it came from? If not, you’re at risk. Amy Fetzer reports from November’s forum on animal welfare. Three-quarters of consumers rank animal welfare concerns as the top issue which makes a company ethical, according to research firm Mintel. But is it a priority for foodservice…
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Footprint Forum: Animal welfare – we’ve come a long way baby

Three quarters of consumers rank animal welfare concerns as the top issue which makes a company ethical but is the foodservice industry doing enough to ensure animal welfare, and if so, are we communicating it to customers? The conclusion from Tuesday’s lively, informative and thought-provoking Footprint Forum, Animal Welfare – does it matter to foodservice?…
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New report calls for changes to the UK food and farming policy

THE FOOD Ethics Council, Soil Association and Compassion in World Farming have collaborated with seven other UK organisations to produce a report which challenges the government’s current UK food and farming policy.                         The organisations involved have joined forces to highlight the overwhelming evidence…
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Defra publishes food aid report

THE DEPARTMENT of Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) has published the findings from research on the use of food aid in the UK.                           Defra commissioned researchers from the University of Warwick and Food Ethics Council to carry out a Rapid Evidence Assessment…
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Food wastage footprint: Impacts on natural resources

THE FOOD Ethics Council welcomes the FAO’s new report on the environmental impact of food waste, Food wastage footprint: Impacts on natural resources.    The report highlights the damaging impact on the world’s natural resources of throwing away food. It points out that globally we waste one third of all our food; in developing countries…
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My viewpoint: Foodservice companies have a lot to answer for

WHEN IT comes to ethics, consumers have lots of questions and foodservice companies have a lot to answer for, says Dan Crossley.                           “Does it really matter if people leave their ethics behind when they eat out? I think it does. Eating out…
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Goodbye to supersize?

AS NEW YORK bans giant servings amid growing pressure to confront obesity, Footprint asks if the UK's soft drinks face hard regulation.                           Last month Coca-Cola unveiled a new advert, but it’s not just any advert. Instead of relating its drinks to happiness the…
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S – Word Ssssssshhhhhh

IT MAY be the most overused word of the 21st century – and we’re among the worst offenders. But does it mean so many different things to so many people that we’re better off avoiding it altogether? We ask the experts.                         We're ahead…
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