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Subsidies to solar farms to be cut

ENVIRONMENT SECRETARY Liz Truss has called solar farms “a blight on the landscape” and revealed plans to cut subsidies under new plans to ensure more land is dedicated to food production.                           The controversial plans have come under fire from groups accusing the…
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New details on CAP implementation announced

ENVIRONMENT SECRETARY Elizabeth Truss has today announced further details of what the new CAP greening rules will mean for English farmers, whilst calling on the EU to provide urgent clarity on the outstanding issues and review the three crop rule.   The new guidance aims, within the constraints set by Brussels, to be as simple and flexible…
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State of the Union

EU MEMBERSHIP is a hot political topic with the general election looming but what has Europe done for our food industry?                           With the general election looming large on th apolitical horizon battle lines are already being drawn over the key issues. One of…
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EU vote threatens progress on green farming

ENVIRONMENTALISTS ACCUSE MEP'S of watering down eco-friendly plans for Common Agricultural Policy.                           Much has been done to improve the environmental performance of agriculture, but a recent vote in Europe on the next stage of the budget for farming subsidies could, say environmentalists, stall…
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