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British cod gains first MSC certification

North Sea cod officially designated as sustainable will soon be sold in supermarkets and restaurants for the first time in 20 years after English and Scottish cod boats were awarded MSC certification. Over a decade since North Sea cod stocks came close to collapse, North Sea cod has passed an independent assessment against the MSC’s…
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Cod recovery continues

THE ICONIC European cod fishery, which collapsed in the 1980s and has been ailing ever since, has finally increased above dangerously low levels and hauled itself off the Marine Conservation Society’s Fish to Avoid list.   North Sea cod is now rated “4 and amber”, which means it’s showing signs of improvement. The population now needs…
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North Sea cod stocks rise

NORTH SEA COD stocks have continued to rise for the seventh year in a row, according to figures released by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).   There are indications that reduced discarding and improved fisheries management have played a key part in helping to boost the numbers, which is estimated…
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Have you been caught out?

FIRST IT was horse burgers, now it is fish fraud. Foodservice companies need to ask some tough questions of their suppliers.                           There's rarely a dull moment when it comes to food traceability at the moment. According to research reported on the BBC's…
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7% of fish mis-labelled

FISH AND chip shops, restaurants and supermarkets are selling cod and haddock that are actually cheaper substitutes, according to new research.   The BBC has reported details of a new study showing that 7% of cod and haddock – two of the most popular fish in the UK – is actually pollock or Vietnamese pangasius,…
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Demand for cod and haddock too high

THIS WEEK saw the last day that UK consumers eat home-grown fish.   Annual domestic fish stocks can satisfy demand for about 233 days a year – or until August 21 – according to a new report by the New Economics Foundation.   This leaves the UK reliant on imported fish, such as haddock and…
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