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Food inflation rates to continue to beat Consumer Price Index

CHICKEN AND pork prices expected to drop, but food inflation rates are to continue to beat CPI rates as it eases slightly from 4.4% to 3.8% in 2014.                 Prestige Purchasing, procurement specialist for the food service industry is warning that food inflation is expected to reach 3.8…
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One million pounds to tackle obesity, food poverty and climate change in UK cities

ONE MILLION pounds is to be invested in the UK’s first ‘Sustainable Food Cities’ programme to use good food to address some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental problems including obesity, food poverty and climate change. The programme aims to transform access to local, affordable and sustainable food for people across the country…
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Climate change in, but sustainable development out

GOVE HAS listened to the letter not the spirit of campaigners' demands.   In response to the announcement of changes to the National Curriculum unveiled today, Cherry Duggan, Head of Schools and Youth at WWF-UK, said:   “Michael Gove has listened to the headline demands for climate change but weakened the curriculum when it comes…
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Will ministers get the drift?

SPRING SNOWSTORMS make the perfect backdrop for the government’s new chief scientist to get climate action back on the agenda.                           This isn't how it’s supposed to be. Spring should herald warmer sunshine and lambs prancing about in green fields. Instead, they are…
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GHG reporting ‘unacceptably poor’

JUST 37% of the world’s largest 800 companies are reporting complete data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while even less (21%) have had their data independently verified.   New research from the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), a climate change and finance think tank, claims that the level of public disclosure of GHGs is “unacceptably poor”.…
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Why food companies need to support climate change adaption

September’s Foodservice Footprint will reveal the findings of a new government report showing that businesses are slow in adapting to climate change – especially the opportunities it provides. Here, Jessica Frank, climate change project manager at Twin, explains why adaptation is the key to survival.     CLIMATE CHANGE poses a major threat to global…
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THE CHALLENGES posed to the global coffee market – climate change, the economic crisis, rising production costs, volatile prices – are well documented.  Perhaps less well-documented but just as important is the role that coffee companies the world over are playing in helping minimise the risk of shortages.   At Nestlé, we have been working…
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Tea Time in Kenya

Andrew Kobia Ethuru, a Cafédirect grower director at the Michimikuru tea factory in Kenya, talks to Footprint about the realities of climate change in that country and its impact on tea planters. Whilst we in the UK might not feel the effects of climate shifts, growers in far-flung corners of the world such as Kenya…
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