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Animal welfare standards continue to improve across foodservice

Foodservice companies collected 13 awards for their approach to farm animal welfare standards as cages for poultry become “consigned to the history books”. In the past 12 months there has been a wave of commitments to source cage-free shell and liquid eggs. This followed criticism that the sector was lagging behind retail. All the major…
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Egg commitments are challenging but realistic

Foodservice firms that have promised to go cage-free on eggs by 2025 need to start the remaining transition sharpish, says Jemima Jowell. This summer we’ve witnessed a seismic shift in attitudes towards caged eggs with a deluge of commitments by food businesses to go cage-free in their egg supply chains. One of the latest is…
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Red Tractor telling porkies?

A SERIES OF adverts promoting British pork as “high welfare” have been banned for being misleading.   The adverts, commissioned by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), read: “PORK NOT PORKIES – RED TRACTOR PORK IS HIGH WELFARE PORK”.   Compassion in World Farming challenged the claims, suggesting they were misleading and untruthful. A…
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