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Trick or treat: how the obesity plan changed

The childhood obesity strategy was watered down, Theresa May “dismantling” David Cameron’s ambitious plan in no fewer than 36 days. Channel 4’s Dispatches team had been handed a June draft of the plan: “a more ambitious plan that never saw the light of day”, reads the press release promoting the programme (October 31st, 8pm). At…
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Foodservice must fight the flab

Forget the barriers and the lack of powerful policy, it’s time for action on obesity reports Amy Fetzer. You wouldn’t expect an event about a widely panned policy instrument to have an upbeat, positive vibe, but this week’s Footprint Forum: Fat Load of Use - Foodservice and the Childhood Obesity Strategy, in association with CH&Co…
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WHO backs sugary drinks taxes

More countries should follow the UK’s lead and introduce taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks, according to a new report published by the World Health Organisation. “[…] there is reasonable and increasing evidence that appropriately designed taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages would result in proportional reductions in consumption, especially if aimed at raising the retail price by 20%…
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New obesity strategy is “weak” with “pointless” targets

The childhood obesity strategy has finally been published, and government has put the onus on industry to tackle the issue. The sugar tax stays, for now, with a consultation launched alongside the new strategy. There is also a hint that Brexit could trigger changes to labelling schemes, with the “teaspoons of sugar” idea put forward…
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New childhood obesity strategy? Fat chance.

The Childhood Obesity Strategy has been delayed again, this time until after the summer recess. “Work on that [strategy] continues,” said the Prime Minister’s official spokesman in response to a question from the Huffington Post UK. “I think it is more likely to be into the autumn than it is this week, but we will…
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Just the beginning

Sugar tax is just the start of intervention unless industry acts swiftly, collaborates and does a better job of fighting its corner, says Jennifer Powers. The sugar tax was the budget announcement no one saw coming. The first inkling that something was afoot was a provocative tweet from broadcaster Robert Peston as the chancellor rose…
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