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Green scene news analysis

Chucked chicken, meat cuts and Indonesia in flames..... Finger-licking faux pas Reading the KFC website it appears that the Colonel has got this food waste issue licked. Products are withdrawn from sale after 60 to 90 minutes, leaving about three tonnes of chicken to deal with per year in each of its 850 stores. But fear…
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Sustainable diets not on the menu in Paris

REDUCING MEAT consumption does not feature in a single national emissions reduction plan submitted in advance of the COP21 climate change meeting in Paris.   Starting this week, the talks could see a new global deal struck to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the commitments will not be enough to keep temperature rises within the…
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Next in the line of fire?

THE FOSSIL fuel divestment movement is going mainstream and food companies could become high-profile targets writes Nick Hughes.                           When a cause unites a group as diverse as the Norwegian parliament, the former chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and one of the world’s…
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