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Wild sea bass levels at lowest level in years

ACCORDING TO the latest assessment by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), the levels of wild sea bass have dropped to its lowest in years.   Experts have warned that spawning stocks have decreased by 32% since 2009, and have recommended that a 36% cut in catches be made across the…
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INTERVIEW with Charles Clover

    Charles Clover’s book, The End of the Line, screams for attention to the crisis of diminishing global fish stocks and is now a powerful and thought provoking movie, currently showing in the West End of London. Footprint met with him to discuss the very clear implications to the foodservice industry.   Q. Charles,…
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Foodservice Footprint Issue 3 – Autumn 2009

In the face of adversity, 2009 has been an extraordinary year. The industry has proven to be far more resilient as far as green issues are concerned – far more so than anyone had anticipated. True, there are many businesses out there who consider sustainable aspects of business a ‘nice to have’ and not a…
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