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Campaigners demand Brexit protection of EU laws

Campaign groups have welcomed a government commitment to bring current EU environmental protections into UK law but called for more detail on how such laws would be upheld and enforced post-Brexit. Last week the UK government published its Brexit white paper in which it stated that “we will use the Great Repeal Bill to bring…
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Green light for new sustainable EU fisheries policy from 2014

THE COMMON Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform package, including measures to halt overfishing and a ban on discarding fish at sea, Parliament's key aims, was approved in a final plenary vote on Tuesday. Labelling rules have also been overhauled, to improve information for consumers. The new legislation should allow for more sustainable fishing and take effect…
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Overfishing in decline

THE LATEST figures on fish stocks in EU waters indicate that efforts to phase out overfishing are paying off, said the European Commission.                     In a consultation document, the Commission reported on the state of European fish stocks. The data shows that 39% of assessed fish…
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Fish policy reform step closer

THE REFORM of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has moved a step closer with an agreement between the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.   The overarching aim of the reformed policy is to end overfishing and ensure fishing is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. The reforms aim to support sustainable sectoral growth, create…
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Reform for European fisheries policy

THE EUROPEAN Parliament today voted to back a major reform of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The new proposals aim to cut fishing to sustainable stock levels, end dumping at sea (discards), and base long-term planning on sound scientific data.   Environmental groups have welcomed the news as “ground-breaking” but some fishing groups claimed…
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Demand for cod and haddock too high

THIS WEEK saw the last day that UK consumers eat home-grown fish.   Annual domestic fish stocks can satisfy demand for about 233 days a year – or until August 21 – according to a new report by the New Economics Foundation.   This leaves the UK reliant on imported fish, such as haddock and…
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Fishermen want CFP reform

FISHERMEN AND Greenpeace have joined together in an unlikely alliance to lobby for changes to the Common Fisheries Policy.   Together they have produced the ‘manifesto for fair fisheries’, a joint declaration between the environmental group, UK Fishermen’s Associations, fishermen and the New Under Ten Fishermen’s Association, which represents small-scale fishermen.   The manifesto spotlights…
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Common Fisheries Policy

EU Ministers have reached general compromise on the main proposals for reforming the Common Fisheries Policy from 2013. The proposal would give fleets quota shares guaranteed for at least 15 years and would see discards phased out. Now the horse trading starts. See proposed changes.
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Fish reform creates buzz

IN THE NEXT few months there will be a lot of noise about fish. The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is being reformed and businesses, environmental groups and celebrity chefs will be ramping up their efforts to lobby for a “robust” reform of the out-dated and controversial system.   The CFP has been in place for three…
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