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Living wage debate dominates budget

GEORGE OSBORNE used the first Conservative budget in 20 years to introduce a new national living wage. Starting next April at £7.20, it will rise to £9 by 2020. Osborne said companies should be able to afford the cost of the living wage because of cuts to corporation tax, which will drop to 18% from…
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Hospitality sector enjoys budget boost

CHANCELLOR GEORGE Osborne has announced plans to allow farmers to average out their income across five years in a measure that could amount to a tax saving of £100 million.                     In the spring budget, Osborne revealed that self-employed farmers would enjoy the benefits of an…
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Team up to beat the energy price squeeze

THIS YEAR'S budget did little to help caterers struggling with rising bills but the industry can group together to get a better deal, writes Jonathan Senior.                   There's no doubt that the catering and hospitality industry has felt the impact of rising energy bills more than most,…
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