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House of Commons left with egg on face following ban

CATERERS AT THE House of Commons have been criticised for causing alarm over the consumption of British eggs, after banning them from the Parliament kitchens.   Reports have emerged that liquid Dutch eggs are used in place of British shell eggs in dishes such as omelettes and mousse because they do not ‘reach a core…
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Pigs, eggs and poultry get new group

AN ALL PARTY Group for pigs, eggs and poultry has been set up to represent the industries in parliament.     The new group, chaired by Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton, Neil Parish, will help raise the profile of the many complex issues facing the sectors.   The Group will officially start a programme of…
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Ban on illegal eggs from Europe

THE GOVERNMENT has confirmed that eggs being produced in barren battery cages across the EU, and egg products made from them, cannot be exported from their own countries of origin and sold on the UK market.   In a letter to the British Egg Industry Council, Food Minister Jim Paice stated that, under an agreement…
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Rules for egg sales at Olympics

WHEN YOU bring together the world’s top athletes, there’s going to be a big demand for protein – and that means a lot of eggs. The world’s top swimmer, Michael Phelps, has three fried eggs sandwiches and a five-egg omelette for breakfast.                     All eight of…
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