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Frozen food campaign to tackle food waste

IGLO GROUP have invested £3.7m in brand new iFreeze campaign to help reduce food waste in UK households.                     The iFreeze campaign, launched by Iglo Group and WRAP, is part of Iglo Group’s Forever Food Together programme, launched in October 2014.   The campaign aims to inform…
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Frozen food to the rescue

FOODSERVICE BUSINESSES in London and other Olympic areas should stock up on frozen food to sidestep the eventuality of delivery disruptions during the Olympic this summer says British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF).                             With less than three months until the start of…
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Frozen food hot stuff for caterers

Frozen food has performed well in a market with fewer outlets serving fewer diners. Data compiled by Horizons FS shows that the number of outlets from 2009 – 2010 remained the same, while the number of meals served fell by 1.2%.   Despite this, caterers and chefs have continued to rely on frozen, which makes…
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More frozen food equals less waste, says BFFF

Consumers and chefs have been urged to buy more frozen food so they waste less food. The latest household food and drink report from the Government shows that households throw away 17% of all food bought. This figure could be slashed if more consumers opted for frozen equivalents instead, says the British Frozen Food Federation…
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