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McDonald’s pledge to zero deforestation

ON TUESDAY, global fast food chain McDonald’s launched an 8-point plan to eliminate deforestation across its supply chain.                     The multinational’s global commitment to source sustainable beef, pulp and paper packaging, coffee, palm oil and poultry is expected to spark similar commitments from rivals within the…
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Farmers frustrated at drop in beef price

THE DRAMATIC fall in the beef price over the past few months is a major concern for the livestock industry, the NFU reiterated today.                       Beef farmers are angry that a year after the ‘horsegate’ scandal, many retailers and processors are not living up to…
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Food inflation rates to continue to beat Consumer Price Index

CHICKEN AND pork prices expected to drop, but food inflation rates are to continue to beat CPI rates as it eases slightly from 4.4% to 3.8% in 2014.                 Prestige Purchasing, procurement specialist for the food service industry is warning that food inflation is expected to reach 3.8…
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Provenance prevails

THE MAIN priority for consumers when buying meat or poultry is provenance not price.   More than half of consumers (59%) prefer to buy UK-sourced meat and poultry compared to imported meat.   Meanwhile, price is the main consideration for just 39% of consumers.   The results come in a new report by YouGov SixthSense…
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