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More sweets at new owner of Morrisons' Local stores and M&S   Jamie Oliver look away now. The new owner of Morrisons convenience stores has claimed the chain hasn’t turned a profit because it hasn’t been selling enough sweets to kids. In the week that sugar has commanded plenty of column inches, Mike Greene told…
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Jamie’s School dinners – 10 years on

10 YEARS after TV’s Jamie’s School Dinners, the BBC’s The Food Programme assesses progress made.                     A key development is that from being seen as ‘liberal and wishy washy’, policy makers have grasped that food matters. Food related diseases are known to be one of society’s…
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Horsemeat may still be prevalent in supply chain

A LABOUR FRONTBENCHER has suggested that thousands of tonnes of horsemeat may have entered the food supply chain in the three year’s prior to 2013’s food crisis.   Mary Creagh, who was Labour’s environment secretary at the time of the scandal, says she has evidence to back up her claims.   During an appearance on…
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2013 harvest already ‘written off’?

The National Farmers Union has confirmed that for the first time in a decade Britain will become a net importer of wheat.   NFU president Peter Kendall said more than two million tonnes of wheat had been lost  because of last year's poor summer.   Peter Kendall speaking on Radio 4's Today programme said the…
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