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The future’s looking up for city farms

SWITZERLAND IS taking the concept of rooftop food production a step further with a new 'aquaponics' system that could revolutionise urban farming.                     With seven billion to feed, human agriculture exerts a tremendous toll on the planet, from water and air pollution to energy use and habitat loss.…
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The future of fishing

DISCARDS AND by catch could be history thanks to a revolutionary approach to fishing.                     Imagine if every fish landed on a trawler was alive, in perfect condition and small fish, sharks and other species could be safely released underwater before a catch was lifted aboard.  …
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International initiative launched to promote sustainable salmon fishing

INDUSTRY LEADERS from the global salmon farming sector yesterday (15TH August) launched a new international initiative to promote sustainable salmon fishing practices.   The new Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) brings together 15 of the world’s biggest salmon producers under a single commitment of industry cooperation and transparency within the supply chain, to drive sustainability progress.…
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