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Food businesses stress dangers of ‘hard Brexit’

Businesses across the food supply chain have joined forces to warn the government against the risks of a ‘hard Brexit’ for the UK’s food and farming competitiveness. In a letter to The Times, the group that includes Sainsbury’s, Apetito, Dairy Crest and Cargill among 75 organisations called on Prime Minister Theresa May to prioritise tariff-free…
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Last throw of the dice for voluntary deals?

The Courtauld Commitment is targeting big cuts in waste across the food industry, but if it fails then legislators may step in. By David Burrows. A lot rests on Courtauld 2025. The new food industry super-agreement aims to save £20 billion through resource efficiency, cut food and drink waste as well as greenhouse gases by…
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Waste agreements merged into new Courtauld 2025 scheme

Wrap has unveiled a voluntary agreement that will “transform” the UK food and drink industry. Courtauld 2025 will replace both the Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement (HaFSA) on waste and the Courtauld Commitment followed by retailers and manufacturers since 2005. The plan is to cut the resource intensity of the industry by a fifth within 10…
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Apetito joins ethical trading initiative

APETITO HAS joined the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) to support worker rights around the globe. The company, which provides frozen meals to hospitals, care homes and local authorities, has said it is committed to improving working conditions throughout their supply chain.   Apetito also recently committed to providing the Living Wage to 100% of its…
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More horsemeat findings possible

SAMPLING OF THE first and second phases of the Food Standards Agency's UK-wide survey of beef products has been completed and the initial test results published today.   The results show that 212 of the 224 samples taken in phase one are negative for both horse and pig DNA at or above the 1% threshold.…
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