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Migrant report welcomed by hospitality trade

The British Hospitality Association has welcomed the government’s announcement that it will commission a report into the contribution EU nationals make to the UK economy and society. The trade body has previously warned that the hospitality and tourism sector faces a “cliff edge” scenario if there is any major cut in the number of workers…
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Cameron’s coat of green is rapidly wearing thin

Rewind the clock six years and David Cameron and George Osborne were the golden boys of the green movement. Ever since, Cameron has made no secret that his commitments in opposition were hyperbole. Yet watching him in front of the liaison committee in January it was hard to tell whether (as Footprint’s associate editor, Nick…
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Behind the headlines: UK swims against the green tide

Now the climate change deal has been signed in Paris new regulations are a long way down the Conservatives’ agenda. By the time you read this there may already be a global deal on climate change in place. The COP21 talks end on December 11th, and the odds that an agreement will be struck are pretty…
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Liz Truss stays, Amber Rudd and Andrea Leadsom join DECC

THIS WEEK'S reshuffle has seen David Cameron line up his new green team. Liz Truss will continue as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), whilst in the same department, George Eustice is promoted to Minister of State and Rory Stewart is appointed as junior minister.            …
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Cameron reshuffles Conservative cabinet

DAVID CAMERON has announced his biggest reshuffle in the conservative office which sees Elizabeth Truss take over as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs from Owen Patterson.                     The prime minister has made way for a more female and state-educated top team as…
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