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OOH growth forecast

THE UK’s eating out sector is forecast to grow 3% in value over the next 12 months to £82.5bn, the highest level of growth since the recession began.                   Allegra Foodservice has found that emerging fast food concepts, coffee shops and the further proliferation of the street…
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Nudge or be pushed

THE LIGHT-TOUCH approach to healthy food policy concerns campaigners, but the government and food businesses are now in contact more than ever – and it’s making a difference, Phil Hooper tells David Burrows.    It's no secret the coalition government likes to nudge rather than push. Nudging, an idea popularised by academics Richard Thaler and Cass…
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Information, Information, Information

AS The Nation gets chubbier, more and more companies are pledging to provide facts about how (un)healthy their food is. But do diners need or want them?   Albert Einstein once said that “the devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life. Either we suffer in health or we suffer in…
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Calorie labelling won’t influence choice

CONSUMERS WANT to eat healthily when they eat out, but don’t see calorie labelling as something that would influence what they choose.                           New report also shows consumers targeting healthier fast food restaurants   The rollout of calorie labelling on menus is one…
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