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Food chains join forces to cut sugar

Some of the high street’s biggest food chains have signed up to a series of new health targets including a 20% reduction in sugar by 2020. The alliance, which includes Caffè Nero, Costa, Greggs, McDonald’s and Mitchells & Butlers, has created a new code of practice with the aim of driving responsible behaviour in product…
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Sugar tax – reaction

Last time round it was the national living wage that caught industry chiefs off-guard. This time the Chancellor’s “surprise” was a tax on sugary drinks. Details are sparse at the moment, but what we do know is that soft drinks companies will pay a levy on drinks with added sugar from April 2018. We know that the…
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Is Mexico’s sugar tax working

THERE'S BEEN a bit of confusion surrounding the impact of this controversial legislation. Here are both sides of the story so far.   YES - Kawther Hashem, nutritionist for Action on Sugar More than 30% of the Mexican population are obese and a love of sugary drinks has been held at least partly responsible. The average Mexican drinks the…
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Sugar variances uncovered in soft drinks

SUGAR-SWEETENED soft drinks made for the European market have much less sugar than those sold in other markets. A review of 274 fizzy drinks found that Fanta Orange, for example, has 20 grams less added sugar in the UK (23g/330ml) than the same product in India or Vietnam. A standard-sized can of Pepsi also has…
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Some fruit snacks have more sugar than sweets

NEW RESEARCH has revealed that 85% of processed fruit snacks contain more sugar per 100g than sweets, such as Haribo Star Mix, even though many parents think the snacks are a healthy choice.                           The Action on Sugar research found huge amounts of…
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Report claims to find the truth of hidden sugars in children’s juices

ACCORDING TO a survey by Action on Sugar on the hidden sugars found in seemingly healthy children’s fruit juices, juice drinks, smoothies – over a quarter of products surveyed (57 of the 203 products) contain the same amount or more sugars than well known fizzy drank brands – which, the report suggests, contain 5 teaspoons of…
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