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Foodservice lacking bark as Brexit bites

The sector risks being forgotten if it doesn’t get its act together and start lobbying hard, writes David Burrows. Managing Brexit will need the whole food industry – farmers, food manufacturers and retailers – to find a single voice with which to lobby the government, said the National Farmers Union director general, Terry Jones, in…
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Editor’s comment: How much contamination is too much?

IT’S BEEN a tough couple of weeks for the British food industry. First, there was the discovery of horse DNA in burgers supplied by food manufacturer ABP to the likes of Burger King and Tesco. Then pork DNA turned up in halal pastries from McColgan Quality Foods and supplied to prisons through distributor 3663. Islamic…
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Spotlight on ingredients suppliers in horse meat scandal

ANALYSIS IS urgently being carried out by the meat companies implicated in the investigation by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), following the discovery that one Tesco beef burger contained 29% horse meat.   The pressure is on ingredients suppliers over the traces as the investigation gathers momentum.   ABP, which owns two of…
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