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Can you hear us?

TECHNOLOGY HAS empowered consumers. So should businesses listen to what is being said and use it to shape the way we work? Martin Chilcott reports.                   The world is changing fast. With the effects of climate change, a global population heading to nine billion and a dramatic…
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Big business wasting money by failing to implement cost saving energy measures

SENIOR BOSSES identified as key barrier to action on energy efficiency.   2degrees has today published a report which reveals that some of the world’s largest businesses are missing opportunities to cut energy costs by failing to implement proven energy saving measures. The findings also show that it is the senior leaders of some companies who…
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Stretching the limits of sustainability

FOOD BUSINESSES must be careful not to see target-setting as a competition.                           One of the most difficult tasks facing sustainability managers is how to set targets. “The first time you set them you’re never quite sure,” admits Inder Poonaji, the head of environmental…
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