Sustainability Bites in association with Nestlé Professional – Episode 2: Packaging & Waste

Sustainability Bites, in association with Nestle Professional, is a podcast which unpicks the key sustainability issues affecting the hospitality and foodservice sector. This episode focuses on the hot topic of waste.

But this is not just another podcast on waste. With waste making up around 3% of HaFS businesses footprints, we ask - is waste really a strategic priority? And if so, why?

How can we overhaul our industry’s existing piecemeal approach to tacking waste to drive transformational change? And we will paint a picture of a waste-free future that can be achieved using the technology available to us today.

We will talk to Nestlé Professional, Sodexo and WRAP to discuss their achievements in tackling packaging and food waste, as well as innovations in wider industry, such as innovative new eco-options that can be recycled within existing infrastructure (e.g. sea-weed based options), and reusables, such as those trialled by McDonalds or the user-friendly reuse models being rolled out at venues and festivals.

Food waste has risen up the agenda because its significant carbon impact makes reducing food waste vital to achieving net zero targets. Our panellists will share insights of how organisations such as Nestlé and Sodexo are harnessing food saving to achieve carbon and cost reductions.

  • Sokhna Gueye - Head of Packaging, Nestlé UK&I
  • Sophie Whitfield - Head of Corporate Responsibility Engagement,
  • Sodexo UK&I
  • Eleanor Morris - Sector Specialist, WRAP
  • Amy Fetzer - Footprint, Chair

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