Social media sways sustainable diet choices

More than four in 10 (41%) consumers are unsure of what constitutes a sustainable diet, but 49% use social media to seek out answers and would happily change what they eat based on what they find.

The research, commissioned by dairy company Arla, highlighted the pressure people feel when making decisions about what to eat and drink. 

Around a third (34%) based their choices entirely on information from social media. Instead of relying on facts about the whole of the food production process and considering in detail what makes a sustainable diet and what food groups are ‘good’ for us, snap decisions are being made based largely on popular opinion, Arla noted.

When it came to sustainable diets, eating locally sourced food (54%), swapping animal protein for plant-based alternatives (41%) and choosing nutrition that has been produced with the least environmental impact (35%) were amongst the top solutions cited as sustainable. 

More than a quarter (27%) think cutting animal products from their diet completely is the right thing to do, but “given the choice and all the facts, 65% would prefer to drink dairy over dairy alternatives”, Arla noted. The company said dairy is “so easily misunderstood” – the nutritional value of the food as well as how it supports the natural environment must both be considered.

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