Recycling trumps romance in New Year’s resolutions

Better recycling and eating less meat are among the most common New Year’s resolutions for Brits, according to a new survey.

Environmental charity Hubbub polled 3,000 people from a cross-representation of society asking what changes they planned to make in 2021. It found one in six people have resolved to reduce their impact on the environment, ranking the environment higher than resolutions about romantic relationships, relationships with friends and hobbies.

Over half of this group (54%) said they plan to recycle better, which was the most popular New Year’s environmental resolution, followed by eating less meat (49%), cycling and walking more for shorter journeys (38%) and wasting less food (36%).

More than a third (34%), meanwhile, plan to buy less “unnecessary stuff” reflecting a desire for companies and brands to stop encouraging over-consumption.

People were asked what the top priorities for companies and brands should be. The top three were to stop making and selling products that nobody actually needs (30%); produce products that are designed to last (30%); and stop putting pressure on consumers to buy things we don't need (27%).

“At a time when household finances are strained and the environment is becoming a real priority, our survey suggests that the message from the public to businesses is loud and clear – stop pushing products that people don’t actually need and start making products that are designed to last,” said Trewin Restorick, CEO of Hubbub.

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