Panda Packaging builds proprietary machinery to create sustainable packaging that inspires customer loyalty

Our work focuses on integrating NFC-technology into reusable packaging made from sustainable materials to generate improved value for end users and hospitality clients through championing sustainable behaviour change through innovation.

From our experience within the sustainable packaging space the key factors preventing the adoption of plastic-free reusable items are lack of perceived value, high cost reusable items and inconvenience. To this end we conducted a year long research project with University College London MechEng department into solutions and behaviour change opportunities to add value to reusable packaging proposition.

Our solution focuses on embedding loyalty technologies into reusable packaging products, made through our proprietary production process, allowing for a contactless experience that records customer insights surrounding purchasing habits and preferences-much like a loyalty card-but with vastly richer data collection opportunities through social media linkage, mobile login systems reducing sign up friction and allowing the customer to engage in multiple ways, across multiple sites, not just checkout/Point Of Sale.

Hospitality businesses will benefit from contactless track+trace technology innovations for their customers in order to ensure COVID-19 compliance alongside innovations in customer experience through increased personalisation and innovations in the use of real time customer data in business decisions.

Our solution puts businesses and customers at ease by providing a contactless loyalty scheme that automates data collection while eradicating plastic waste and aligning with the governments Clean Growth Strategy and Net Zero ambitions.

Our key innovation is the technology and product+service design to create behaviour changes in end-user interactions with reusable packaging products through NFC loyalty technology within the reusable packaging. This will provide a vastly improved value proposition increasing the appeal to those who are not directly interested in sustainability but are keen to receive fantastic customer experiences, discounts and be alerted to potential COVID-19 cases at hospitality sites they have visited recently. This innovation will vastly increase the subset of customers who would be interested in sustainable reusable packaging products and has the potential to apply the network effects seen in social media products to promoting the use of reusable products.

Material wise the proprietary production process we have developed over the last two years allows us to produce straws, cutlery and sporks at scale using a fully automated production process. This vastly reduces the cost of these reusable items and allows for scaling through production machine deployment.

We are currently at the 1,000's units scale/week and we are targeting 10,000 units/week by year end. As a business Panda Packaging were the winner of the Footprint Innovations in Packaging award and Best Product, Technology & Innovation award at the Waste2Zero awards in 2019 and are backed by Bethnal Green Ventures and investors with backgrounds across Greenpeace, BT, Uber and HSBC.

Foodservice Footprint panda-150 Panda Packaging builds proprietary machinery to create sustainable packaging that inspires customer loyalty innovation marketplaceWe have shipped over 3 million units of product and prevented an estimated 20 million items of single-use-plastic based on customer reuse figures with Virgin, Bacardi and Farmdrop as clients.

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