New posters profess it takes 51 minutes to burn off a Big Mac

IN AN ATTEMPT to get people to realise the impact of junk food, Buddy Loans has released a set of infographics which show how much exercise you need to do to burn off eight fast food products. The fun and colourful infographics cover a burger, fries, cola, pizza, fried chicken, cake, chocolate and beer.

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The posters show that it would take the average man to 42 minutes of cardio or 51 minutes of weightlifting to burn off a McDonald’s Big Mac. A can of Coca Cola would take 12 minutes of cardio, whilst three pieces of KFC chicken would take a woman 101 minutes of weightlifting to burn off. Each pint of Stella drunk down the pub would require another 28 minutes of weightlifting.


While we’re not sure why this is relevant to a guarantee loans lender, it’s good to see Buddy Loans adding to the debate on the nutritional impacts of the food sold in the out of home sector.


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