New climate roadmap for foodservice, grocery and retail

Greggs and Costa are among 20 retailers to have signed a declaration to tackle climate change throughout their supply chains.

They have made three broad commitments to: decarbonise their shops, distribution centres and logistics operations; reduce emissions in supply chains; and “guide our customers towards dramatically lowering their own carbon footprint”.

The third commitment has led to reports that the retailers – which also include Morrisons, The Cooperative, Lidl and Aldi but not Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Asda – could put carbon labels on their products and menus.

Interest in carbon labelling has been growing in recent months. Polls have shown support in both supermarket and foodservice settings. Three in four adults would prefer to eat in a restaurant that displays carbon footprint details on its menus, for example.

Led by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), the group will draft a roadmap detailing how to cut emissions up and down retail supply chains. This will be published in the run up to next year’s COP26 meeting in Scotland.

“Retailers, suppliers and customers all have their part to play in reducing their carbon emissions,” said BRC head of sustainability Peter Andrews. “This roadmap will be the first step towards a better, more sustainable future. It will then be up to wider industry and government to implement the recommendations it set out.”

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