New app promises to reduce fridge waste

A new app that provides recipe advice based on what’s in your fridge is being hailed as the latest weapon in the battle against food waste.

The Kitche app scans shopping receipts to create a digital list of ingredients and then designs recipe plans that make use of the food purchased.

Users receive alerts five days after the food has been bought to remind them to use it before it is past its best.

The free-to-use app was developed by a former Google employee Alex Vlassopulos as a solution to the huge volume of food wasted in the home. WRAP estimates that £810 of food is thrown away by the average UK family each year.

Apps from the likes of Good To Go and Olio are also supporting food waste reduction but are focused on commercial rather than domestic waste.

The government’s food surplus and waste champion Ben Elliot said the development of the Kitche app showed the “invaluable role that tech can, and must, play in our collective fight against food waste”.

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