Meiko says its carbon-neutrality is only four year’s away!

Meiko has published its first sustainability report detailing a three-part strategy to a greener future.

By focussing on the 3Ps, Product, Production and Participation, Meiko is publicly committing to driving forward the measures needed to protect our climate.

"Sustainability is an issue of attitudes," says Meiko Group CEO, Dr Stefan Scheringer.

"Doing business sustainably has been the Meiko ethos since the company's earliest days. We, Meiko, think in terms of generations, not financial quarters."

The 3P strategy details how Meiko has extended the service life of Meiko dishwashing Product and is further extending the sustainable performance by increasing the level of repairability.

Meiko Production facilities now generate their own power from sustainable resources. Participation goals involve Meiko partners and workforce taking conscious actions to develop a more sustainable company, even down to working with employees on travel and transport or the food choices in the works canteen.

"When it comes to dishwashing products, Meiko's sustainability report brings good news for our customers and the planet," says Paul Anderson, Meiko UK Managing Director.

"Most importantly, Meiko is leading the dishwashing world and laying down a benchmark. Our competitors and fellow manufacturers are now aware of what we can achieve. A carbon-neutral future is now reality for the European foodservice market...and if we can do it, so can the rest of the world.

"Meiko has tirelessly monitored and measured the performance of its machines over decades and the benefit for our customers is that reliability is the best ever. The fact that spare parts are being made available for 20 years gives some idea of how long Meiko expects its machines to last in the future.

"The drive to sustainability is a worldwide goal for Meiko Group. In the UK we also work towards carbon neutrality, through good practice in our HQ and storage facilities, but also through our engineering support.

"Solving a technical problem on the first call out is a win-win situation because that means fewer journeys, less CO2 emissions, lower costs and happier customers.

"Over the last decade the Meiko UK Technical Services Team has measured their first-time fix rate well above 90 per cent – currently we are at 94% in 2021.

"Meiko has also expanded this extraordinarily high level of customer service to include our distributor partners, who supply, service and install Meiko product to the same high standards as Meiko UK.

"Sustainable Production, Product and Participation are the key to the future and I am delighted that Meiko Group is taking a stand and publicly committing to what I believe is the most sustainable manufacturing plan in the foodservice industry.

"Carbon neutral in just four years, let's go!"

You can view the full report here.

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