McPlant burger available in every store in Austria

McDonald’s has been slow to the plant-based patty party but there is a sense that the pace is picking up.

Earlier in the year the fast food chain quietly rolled tests of the new product, developed with Beyond Meat, in various markets, including Denmark and Sweden. However, it was quite low key.

But now there is a push: Austria has just become the first country in the world to offer the McPlant in all its restaurants.

“We want to offer this alternative to all burger fans who dare to try something new and are interested in incorporating plant-based alternatives into their diet,” said Sonja Dirnböck from McDonald’s Austria.

Burger King has been selling an Impossible Whopper since 2019. Last month it launched a “version 2 Whopper” in Japan – two vegan burgers that sandwich the lettuce, pickles and ketchup so there’s no need for a bap.

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