Make food fair, say shoppers

Two in three people think farmers are underpaid. Meanwhile, the majority believe that food companies (92%) and government (85%) should take responsibility for delivering fair and sustainable food.

The figures come from a new survey of 1,004 consumers, published by the Fairtrade Foundation and Globescan. The poll also showed that 65% believe responsibly produced food is more expensive, but more than half (58%) would pay more if they knew producers received fairer prices.

Although consumers recognise a link between low prices and unsustainable food production, only 43% connect this with the future availability of food and 55% understand that the risks posed by climate change to food supply chains are significant.

“The public’s views on the importance of ensuring the human rights of farmers and workers is a clear sign to the government to prioritise these issues and improve working conditions across supply chains,” said Fairtrade Foundation CEO Michael Gidney.

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