Long-term meat avoidance difficult, say consumers

Nearly one in two consumers (45%) has changed their diets to lead a “more sustainable lifestyle”, with 33% looking to reduce or eliminate their intake of meat.

However, they are not finding the shift easy: 51% said they struggle to give up meat in the long-term, with 42% confessing that plant-based foods are “bland and boring”.

The global survey of 26,000 people by FMCG Gurus found that avoiding food waste (48%) and buying more local food (46%) were more common ways to adopt environmentally friendly diets than cutting back on meat (33%).

Plant-based launches by high street food brands helped almost half a million people go vegan last month, according to the organisers of Veganuary. They said growing awareness of the link between animal farming and the climate crisis had contributed towards making this year’s campaign the biggest yet.

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