Launch preview: 2023 Footprint Sustainability Index, in association with Nestlé Professional

The preview for the launch of the 2023 Footprint Sustainability Index, in association with Nestlé Professional, will be held live on YouTube on Thursday June 15th at 11am. As well as a presentation of the report's findings and anecdotes, this preview will feature a keynote and panel session featuring a number of the report's contributors.

This year, more than ever, it is striking how far the industry has progressed since our last report in 2022, driven by the passion and urgency of its people. And yet despite these gargantuan efforts, it is sobering that the hospitality and foodservice (HaFS) sector still has so far to go before it is firmly on target to achieve net zero, reverse biodiversity loss and transition to a more socially just world.

As ever, it has been a mammoth challenge to distil a year frantic with activity into the most valuable nuggets and advice that can be acted upon, and, as usual, we wish there were space and time to include everything. However, this report, which draws upon wisdom shared by senior leaders during in-depth interviews, consumer research conducted exclusively for this report by Vypr, and wider industry analysis, focuses on the salient need-to know insights for 2023-24.

This report is hospitality and foodservice’s go-to-resource. It highlights the areas in need of urgent attention, and the commercial and environmental opportunities to be realised from environmental social governance (ESG) in action.

Tune in to hear Footprint’s Head of Research and Analysis Amy Fetzer present the report’s key insights to help you keep your business sustainable and successful.

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