KFC offers public access to kitchens

Up to 300 KFC outlets will open up their kitchens to the public tomorrow, March 30th.

A limited number of customers will be offered “an exclusive look” behind the scenes and the chance to bread, fry and eat their own KFC chicken.

The idea is to show off the “care that goes into making our chicken taste as incredible as it does”, said Rob Swain, chief operations officer at KFC UK & Ireland.

KFC, which is owned by Yum! Brands, has also launched a new campaign to take on those trying to emulate its products.

The fast food chain has spent a lot of money marketing the quality and provenance of its products, but it hasn’t always gone down well. Its 2017 advert – the one with the chicken dancing to DMX’s X Gon Give It To Ya – received the most complaints of any advert in the UK that year.

“Many people have been left confused by the advert, claiming that using cute chickens makes you feel for the animals and certainly not want to eat them,” noted The Independent last year. 

Yum was singled out for praise in this year’s Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare. The group jumped two tiers thanks to publication of its sustainable animal protein principles and good antimicrobial stewardship policy. Reporting was also improved in relation to its animal welfare governance and policy implementation.

Yum was in the bottom tier (5) for three years and now sits in tier 3, which lists companies with “work to be done” in relation to animal welfare.

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