Kellogg’s turns ugly grains into grog

Kellogg’s has partnered with a local Salford brewery to turn wasted corn flakes into premium beer.

The new ‘Throw Away IPA’ is brewed using flakes that are too big, small or overcooked and would normally be used as animal feed.

The IPA is being produced by Salford brewery, Seven Bro7hers, which occupies a site next door to Kellogg’s Manchester cereal factory.

The brew uses 60kg of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes to replace some of the wheat grain in the beer mix. The cereal sweetens the taste and gives the beer a distinctive golden colour.

Kellogg’s said the IPA was part of its efforts to upcycle more food waste. It said its new approach had delivered a 12.5% reduction in food waste at its UK sites this year.

The limited edition IPA will be sold across Manchester in Seven Bro7hers Brewery bars as well as stockists of the brewer. Ten pence from each can purchased will be donated to food distribution charity FareShare.

The brewery was started in 2014 by seven brothers who were inspired by their father’s home-brewing efforts in the cellar of the family home.

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