Impossible chicken and sausages arriving in pubs and fast food chains

Impossible Foods made its European debut in the UK yesterday (May 19th) with the launch of two of its latest products. Impossible ‘chicken’ nuggets and Impossible ‘sausage’ patties will be available at 300 foodservice outlets, including pubs and food chains.

Chicken Cottage, Halo Burger, Le Bab, Meatliquor and Patty&Bun are among the outlets where the plant-based products will appear. Later in May they will be on the menus of more than 250 Hungry Horse pubs owned by Greene King.

Impossible is most famous for its ‘bleeding’ burgers. The arrival of these on UK shores is pending approval from the Food Standards Agency, according to The Grocer. Company founder Pat Brown told the magazine that the target for the products is meat eaters. 

Brown said: “We are not interested in competing for vegan and vegetarian consumers. Our consumers in the US are almost 90% omnivore meat eaters and our data suggests most of our sales are displacing an animal product in the shopping basket, not another plant-based product. So, the real competition for us is the animal product.”

Impossible said its wheat, soy protein and sunflower oil nuggets require 55% less water, 24% less land, and emit 24% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than chicken nuggets. They also have 25% less salt. The sausage patties are produced using 88% less water, 77% less land, and 47% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than animal pork sausages. These are also “better for consumers”, Impossible claimed.

Full nutritional data and ingredients lists are available on the website. Brands like Impossible and Beyond Meat are under increasing pressure to prove processed plant-based products are healthier and more sustainable than meat alternatives.

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