Greener food identified as 2016 customer trend

IN 2016, CUSTOMERS will look to eat greener.

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Research by Euromonitor International has identified green food as one of 10 major trends for 2016. It concluded that “more people will care about cutting down on food waste in and beyond the home, try harder to avoid unhealthy food and overeating and be keener on more natural, local and seasonal food.”


Consumers will also become more accepting of buying and eating food that is “non perfect” or past its best before date. There will also be continued demand for more transparency about the production process, with consumers seeking out products that have stories that make them feel good about their consumption choices. Demand for local, as well as organic, food is also predicted to remain strong.


Pressure will remain high on foodservice to respond to customer demands for more natural foods, with fast food restaurants in particular focus. Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have already pledged to remove additives, whilst McDonald’s is focussing on tackling antibiotics in its chicken in the US.