Footprint Poll: Sustainable procurement

Sustainable supply chains are increasingly in vogue. Is sustainability among your priorities when buying for your business and what do your customers think about it?


When ordering food or non-food related goods and services what % is ordered online?


20% said None

60% said 0-25%

20% said 25-50%


How important is it to your business to buy sustainable products?


60% said Very important

40% said Quite important


How important is it to your customers that you buy sustainable products?


40% said Very important

60% said Quite important


Would you choose to work with a procurement partner who helped you easily identify sustainable products vs one which didn’t help you identify these?


100% said Yes


Please rate the following statement: 'The most efficient food service operations have embraced web-based management systems' 


20% Strongly agree

40% Agree

40% Ambivalent


Please rate the following statement: 'The availability of real time trading/purchasing information is valuable to my business.' 


40% Strongly agree

40% Agree

20% Ambivalent


Please rate the following statement: 'It is now an expectation that business processes both front and back of house are web-based. '


20% Strongly agree

20% Agree

20% Ambivalent

40% Disagree

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