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Welcome to the Drinks Industry ESG Trends Report 2022, produced in association with Pernod Ricard UK. It scans the horizon, identifying key trends and opportunities to help drinks industry leaders build their business, develop a proactive strategy, benchmark good practice and identify issues in need of greater attention.

The world has shifted on its axis since the inaugural drinks report waslaunched in February 2020. But despite, and perhaps because of, the upheavals of the pandemic, in 2022 sustainability is more of a strategic priority than ever before.

The inaugural 2020 report was broad in its coverage, documenting the drinks industry’s considerable achievements to 2020. In 2022, amid a pandemic, the industry was a hive of sustainability action. Our research has uncovered a buzz of frenetic activity focused on strategy, packaging, carbon, consumers and caring for community and staff. Areas such as general waste, water and modern slavery are busily progressing in the background, but getting very little airtime, and so this report dives deep into the clamouring issues that have been keeping people awake to identify opportunities, challenges and the areas most in need of action.

The big difference this year is the voice of the consumers, who we surveyed extensively on all things to do with drinks, venues and sustainability to tease out what they cared about and whether it would make them buy differently. And the great news is that the clear answer is yes: they care about sustainability in all its forms. It’s even a key differentiator when making a choice between two similar drinks products or venues.

The climate crisis is urgent, but taking action leads to opportunity, as this report demonstrates.

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